We are packing!

Doug and NannetteFriends, we are just a few days away until our departure for Eastern Europe. We are beyond excited to be able to return to this beautiful part of the world and minister to wonderful people! Our time in Tallinn, Estonia will be spent as “relief” ministry for the resident missionaries there.

We will be conducting church services, home Bible studies, prayer walks, personal one-on-one ministry and outreach efforts as well.

There are also several other “works” around the country of Estonia that we will visit to encourage and help if needed. We sincerely covet your prayers for our safe travels and most of all for anointing in ministry. We do not intend to go over there and sit or just sight-see! Having lived in Tallinn for three months in 2010, we know the area and should be able to jump right back in to the culture…thankfully a majority of the people do speak English! Our fundraising efforts for this endeavor are still ongoing. We need to be able to stay a full eight weeks if the funds allow. If you would like to partner with us and be a part of this mission, it’s easy! Just click on the DONATE button to your right on the sidebar, you can be finished in two minutes via Paypal! Obviously it is the quickest at this point but there is still time to send snail-mail! If you wish to send a check our address is below. Keep in mind we do leave Tuesday of next week, the 24th. If you desire a tax deduction, contact Doug at dje9759@gmail.com.

Douglas and Nannette Elkins
2790 Crabapple Circle
Bloomington, IN 47401

What a blessing many of you have been to this ministry! We cannot do it without you and we realize it takes the Body of Christ, all of its members working together, to win souls for the Kingdom. Thank you for partnering with us for eternal rewards. Stay tuned to Faith Journey and Nannette’s blog, Hope in the Healing, for steady updates while we are gone!

For the Kingdom,

Doug and Nannette


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8 thoughts on “We are packing!”

  1. I wish you good health and safe travel during your journey to Estonia. I am not familiar with that part of the world, but would love to visit Europe one of these days. Just wondering, what is a prayer walk?

    1. Hello Yona! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post. Doug and I both appreciate your good wishes! Estonia is one of the three Baltic States that used to be a part of the former Soviet Union. Estonia borders with Russia with Latvia and Lithuania below. It is a gorgeous country, much of its ancient Old Town has been preserved for centuries. It is amazing. For example, they have a Pharmacy there that has been in operation for 900 years! We will be posting pictures once we arrive, please join us for the tour 🙂

      A prayer walk is a simple and easy way to pray while you walk! If you are walking in your neighborhood, for instance, you would pray for each home, maybe that they would feel their need for Christ. Other things to pray are for addictions to be bound, etc. If you are praying in town you could pray alot of the same things but also pray for the business owners, for God’s Kingdom to flourish and evil to flee. There are no hard and fast rules to prayer walking. We like to quote scripture when we walk, sometimes we take a notebook with specific prayers to pray, they help remind us what to focus on. You usually go in groups of two or three so that you do not look like a mob, lol. You pray quietly in a conversational voice or silently, depending on where you are.

      We used it regularly in Eastern Europe and our own church here in Indiana has been on many prayer walks in the neighborhoods around the church! We can tell a difference in the atmosphere and know that God blesses our efforts!!

      You are so welcome here and I will also be blogging at my personal blog, HopeintheHealing.com Blessings, friend!

      1. I love learning about different countries, and it’s amazing that features of the ancient Old Town have survived the test of time. 900 years? Truly amazing!

        Thank you for explaining what a prayer walk is. If only more people engaged in this type of activity all over the U.S. – maybe neighborhoods would be able to thrive/connect better, as well as feel rejuvenated by the added positivity and blessings. I truly believe in the power of positive energy, thoughts, and actions. 🙂

  2. That’s wonderful! I’ll send a prayer your way. Visiting from Missional Women’s blog hop. Tina from Amanda’s Books and More

    1. Thank you so much Viviene!! God bless you for partnering with us in prayer. We appreciate the covering so very much. ♥

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