Riga, Latvia Fall 2013

The fall of 2013 presented our next opportunity to return to the field. It had been just over a year since I was in Latvia, but Nannette had been away for 18 months. We had truly been missing our “kids” as several shared reports about what was happening in their lives. The main purpose of our three-week visit was to help with last-minute preparations for the second Apostolic Power Conference, as well as to participate in some training, mentoring and ministry while in Riga.

Tears flowed freely as Nannette and I walked through the doors of the Riga airport to the group that was waiting to meet us, which included Martins and Konstance as well as Mark and Robin Shutes. As we began to have opportunity to reconnect with the members of the church, it became apparent that much spiritual growth had taken place over the past year in many of their lives. Those who were once shy and reserved in their prayer and worship, were now being participatory leaders of the congregation. RBD training has been the key factor in seeing this type of growth that is so counter to their normal culture. During our time in Riga, both Martins and Konstance spoke in the Hall Church service. We were simply blown away at the ease in which they truly ministered to the church. It is evident that God is doing a mighty work in the lives of this couple.

Just like the previous year, the Apostolic Power Conference was visited by a mighty presence of the Holy Ghost. Miracles, signs andApostolic Power Conference 2013 wonders were present, as well as several being filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit. At the time of our departure a few days later, we knew that we had not yet heard the final results of this meeting. God miraculously opened many doors during these services that will prove His sovereignty.

This term allowed us to do some catch up administrative work for Revival By Design as we were able to spend some extensive face to face time with Missionary Shutes. It is exciting to see how this blueprint and tool has grown so quickly from a vision just a couple of years prior. It is now impacting a great deal of the Europe and Middle East region with great church growth AND spiritual growth being witnessed.

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