Revival By Design North America

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Can the Traditional Church Structure Accommodate the End-time Revival?    God has a Plan…

We are honored to be a part of an exciting ministry, Revival By Design North America.

Revival By Design is a God-given pattern for continual revival.

It is an education on establishing souls in the Kingdom of Heaven for an end-goal of world harvest.

This goes beyond a traditional Bible College and develops the follower of Christ to be proficient in such areas as the Gifts of the Spirit, leadership skills, stewardship, managing a church, as well as many others.

Please visit our website and look around at the exciting things going on in North America and around the globe with Revival By Design! Feel free to contact us for more information on how your church can become involved in using this exciting blueprint to take dominion of your territory and experience UNPRECEDENTED REVIVAL!

God is using this Bible-based tool to help pastors and leaders train and disciple everyone in the Church so that no one is just sitting on the pew but each one is a minister!

2 thoughts on “Revival By Design North America”

    1. Alana, thank you for your kind words. RBD is making an impact in churches all across North America as well as the rest of the globe. Feel free to pass this information along to the leadership of your church…you just never know! Stay in touch with our website as there is a possibility that somewhere along the way, we may make part of our training available to individuals. Blessings!

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