Riga, Latvia Summer 2012

We excitedly planned a return visit to Riga in late Summer of 2012 in order to officiate the wedding ceremony of Martins and Konstance, a young couple who had met and began their relationship as a part of our House Church! How could we possibly say, “‘No” when they were basically a part of our family? Sadly, as the date of departure drew nearer, some serious health complications arose that precluded Nannette from joining me on this phase of Faith Journey.

I arrived a few days before the wedding and planning was consuming many members of the Riga Church. The Bride and Groom were Martins Konstancedealing with the normal pre-wedding jitters that are natural to all in the days leading up to the wedding. The ceremony was to take place outdoors along the shore of the Baltic Sea. It was a fantastic setting for a wedding, although sadly the weather was a little less than cooperative. Showers fell off and on during the early part of the day as a cold front began to move in. As the time to begin the ceremony arrived, the wind was picking up and the temps were dropping to around 60. An energetic crowd gathered to celebrate this wondrous occasion. This was truly an exciting moment for me as well. We had watched this couple begin their new journey with Christ and they were now well on their way to being a vital part of the revival that will sweep Latvia!

The following week I was honored to participate in the first ever Baltic States Apostolic Power Conference. These meetings were marked by a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit with an overallApostolic Power 2012 attendance of nearly 150 people! Miracles of healing, signs and wonders were present, as well as several being filled with the Holy Ghost. Five were baptized in Jesus’ Name as well. It was so exciting to think that where just over a year ago there was no Apostolic church, it was now impacting the lives of over 150 people in a single weekend! Certainly it was another indication of the revival that God intends to pour out upon this nation.

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