Riga, Latvia 2011-2012

Late May of 2011, Nannette and I were winging our way back to Eastern Europe for the next phase of Faith Journey. We were excited this time to be accompanied by our youngest son, Korey! We were all thrilled that we were going to be a small part in the launching of a new country with the Apostolic message. Here we would be working with Missionaries Mark and Robin Shutes, as well as a team of AIM (Associate in Missions) workers from North America.

After a few days to secure housing and get settled (and a major Latvia AIM Teamcleaning effort), as well as becoming familiar with our surroundings, we were thrust quickly into training  that  would be essential in our efforts to begin evangelizing our territories. Two intense weeks of Revival By Design training quickly formed a group of individuals into a tight community of trained soulwinners! We were excited about being launched into our ministry.

The summer was filled with the team participating in group outreach efforts in the Riga area. Eventually, most of our efforts focused on the City Center area as well as the suburb of Pinki. By late summer, we had active groups in both areas, as well as our Hall Church in Riga. We were thrilled as we began to see some of those English Clubindividuals that we had met on outreach begin coming to both our House Churches and our Hall Church and began to see changes take place in their lives. We also held an English Club in our apartment each week, with the goal of making contacts, as we allowed them to practice their English skills.

Much of the Fall and Winter months were focused on establishing the new converts via our Discipleship Training which took place in the House Church, as well as corporate worship and ministry every Janis Laura Weddingweek in the Hall Church. For the first six months, our Hall Church met in an old Anglican Church just on the outskirts of Old Town.  One of the highlights of our time in the old church was being able to perform the wedding ceremony of two of our House Church connections, Janis and Laura! We later moved to a facility that was dedicated space for our use, which allowed us much greater flexibility, as well as more conducive facilities.

Just prior to this phase of Faith journey wrapping up in early Spring of 2012, we participated in Revival By Design Training for representatives from five countries. This blueprint for training and church growth was vital in the success of the church launch in Latvia, and is taking hold in many countries around the world and North America.

There are many interesting and exciting stories to share from this phase of Faith Journey. We will post these in the Blog section of the website from time to time. Subscribe to our blog so you will always be made aware of updates!

We returned to the States in order to assume the role of Regional Coordinator for Revival By Design North America. We are thrilled at the success that RBDNA is experiencing, but still are very excited as each opportunity to return overseas arises, and we are able to get back to the field.

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